Here is a quick step by step guide to using henna

Fill your application cone with henna and cut the cone tib, making sure not to cut it too large, you can always make it bigger later if needs be. Have a piece of tissue handy to clean the nib.

Make sure your skin is clean and free of any natural oils. Then brush on a thin even coat of Mahalabia oil ( Henna Oil).

If you are using a hectographic stencil, apply it now by dabbing off any exess oil and pressing the hectograph onto your skin firmly for a few seconds.

You should now have a clear outline to follow with you Henna paste.

Apply your Henna keeping a constant stready pressure toward the nib of the cone. Don’t forget to clean your nib frequently

Once you have finnished your design wait for it to dry, it should only take 30-60 mins. Be careful not to smudge it while it is still wet.

When you are sure that your tattoo is completely dry. gently brush away the paste. try not to scrape the area and never wash the henna off.

After 12-24 hours your tattoo should have developed its full colour and will last approximately 10-15 days.