Henna is one of the most popular temporary tattoo products you can use today. However there are a few safe alternatives you can use which have a different spin on temporary tattoos you might like to try too.

Jagua Tattoos

For centuries tribes of the South American jungles have been adorning themselves with blue/black temporary tattoos for rituals, ceremonies and festivals. These tattoos are created using a natural dye which they extract from a fruit (Genipapo Americana) locally called Jagua.
This dye has now been made into a user friendly gel for everyone to use, so why not give it a go!
Jagua is available at:

tribal jagua tattoo
airbrush tattoo
temporary tattoo transfers


Airbrush Tattoos
Airbrush tattoos are sprayed on through a vinal stencil. Your can have many colours and they wash off after a few days. These are a favourite for kids as they are bright and dry instantly, so no smudging!

They can also be decorated with glitter or gem stones to add that extra bit of fun.


Transfer Tattoos
Transfer tattoos are another favourite for the kids.
You can get so many designs now and they can be far more detailed than the Airbrush ones. All you have to do is stick the transfer on and gently rub a damp spounge over it, it will last a few days and can be washed off when your ready.
You can also get Transfer paper for your printer so you can design and print your own!