From pre mixed tube
These pre mixed, ready to use Henna tubes are available in many shops and on many websites. The Henna in them will give a good colour but the tube is made out of metal and can be hard to use. You will have to apply a good amount of pressure to release the Henna and this can make you inaccurate and your hand ache. They are available at:

Carrot bags/Application cones
These are great to use either with Henna from the pre mixed tubes (above) or Henna you have mixed yourself. They are easy to use, give you great control and you can cut the nib to the size that suits you. Also re-useable as all they need is a quick rinse when your done. They are available at:

Hand Rolled Cones
You can make these yourself from florist cellophane or purchase them from a Henna store. They are very similar to use as the above carrot bags.  

Jaquard Bottles
This is a very popular tecnique. Though it can take a lot of presure to squeeze the bottle which makes your hand ache. Also you need to make sure your paste is very smooth so that it doesn’t clog the nib but on the plus side it will enable you to make very fine lines.

Brushes can be very useful, especially for applying henna through a stencil. You can also use it to paint a design directly onto your skin. This will give a much looser style to your art. It could be useful for painting Kanji.They are available in henna kits at: