Here are a few different stencil types you can us with Henna

Adhesive or Rubber stencils
These pre made stencils are very easy to use, most are self adhesive. So all you have to do is stick your stencil onto clean oil free skin (do not use henna oil as the stencil won’t stick) and gently push henna through to the exposed skin. Leave the stencil on till all the Henna is thoroughly dry, then peel it away and brush off any remaining Henna. Your tattoo will develop over the next 12-24 hours.


Hectographic stencil
These are used by permanent tattooists as well as henna artists as you can achieve great detail using them. Some henna kits availble have pre printed ones included or you might be able to get a company to print your chosen design.
They work in a similar way to a trasnfer, you moisten the skin and apply the hectograph. When you peal away the paper you will see it has left a purple/blue outline of your design.

Make your own
Also Available are hectographic/copying pencils, so you can make your own Hectogrphic stencils. This is great as it means you can choose any design you like and all you need to do is trace your design onto some transfer paper, cut it out and apply it the same way as the pre printed Hectograph stencil (see above).

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