Henna Aids
There are many items you can buy to help you and your henna achieve the best results possible, here are a few you might find usefull.

Henna Oil
Henna oil or Mahalabia oil is used to coat the skin before you apply your Henna paste. It will give the henna a much darker colour and help it to last longer.

Adhesive Stencils
There are many rubber adhesive stencils availble to use with henna. all you have to do is stick it on and gently push henna through the design. Allow to dray and peal it away, dusting off your dry Henna too. (see ‘How to Henna-stencils’ for a step by step guide)

Hectographic Pencil
Hectographis pencils or copying pencils can create simple outlines for you to follow with your Henna. All you neet to do is trace your chosen design onto a sheet of transfer paper (fine grade tracing paper). Moisten the area (preferably with henna oil but water is ok) where you want your tattoo. and press on the tracing, it will leave a clear outline that you can draw straight over with your Henna.(see ‘How to Henna-stencils’ for a step by step guide)

Sparkle Up Your Tattoos
Once you have applied you henna you can puff on some glitter! It will stick to the wet henna and make your tattoo instantly beautiful!
For extra sparkle you could also try adding some body art gems. These can be applied using body glue. You can use them while the Henna is wet or after it has developed.

Aftercare Cream
Aftercare cream is applied after your tattoo has developed. You can use it every day to help moisturise you skin and help the longevity of you tattoo.

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henna or mahalabia oil

henna tattoo with glitter